Lighter Bike, Heavier Mood

Taking a lunch break by the roadside, I was soon joined by Scott and Sue, who had stayed overnight in Cholila and we headed off to find a camp spot at the free Playa El Francés camping.  We spent the afternoon on the beach, relaxing and taking in some rays, before shifting a few metres down the beach to the headland to pitch up…

The next morning I woke early to push on (Scott and Sue were hanging around for another night), distracted for a while by a beautiful sunrise…

Heading through the Welsh-speaking town of Trevelin and towards the border, I soon realised that I could make my destination of Futaleufú that night, despite a strong headwind. As ever, crossing back into Chile marked a distinct change in road surfaces!

A couple of days off the bike and then my alternative Austral route would begin.


  1. You’ve inspired us! Jess and I are planning our first bike packing trip. Definitely going to try and keep it light (also, on full sus behemoths, so…). Might have to get a 360 cam too!

    1. Haha, awesome! Great to hear it. Yep, you’d be amazed with how little stuff you actually need! I’m jealous of the options that you have near you for cool routes! Would really like to ride the Baja divide ( some time – need to upgrade to a fat bike first though 😉
      As for the 360 cam (I’ve got a Ricoh Theta S), it’s brilliant – no composition of shots, just smile, press the button and move on!

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