A Fiery Finish

The return ride, a relative rarity on this trip (to be retracing our tracks), was relaxed but of increasing urgency, as we realised that we needed to get a move on to get back to suitable camp spots before sundown.

In the end, we found ourselves back at the campsite that we’d been at the night before, slightly cursing the fact that we hadn’t just hidden all our bags there that morning and ridden in lightweight mode for the day!  Once again, we were treated to a lovely sunset to round off a great day.  There was time for the odd fire ritual too – the burning of my now very holey merino top!

Once again, the stars came out to play…

And after the morning defrost routine, we were back on the coastal path, heading towards Ushuaia.

By mid-afternoon, we found ourselves on a stony promontory for a little break.  The sort of campsite that you’d rarely dare to take advantage of in Patagonia, fearful of tent-shredding winds appearing from nowhere!  However, we decided to chance our luck for my last night of camping on the entire trip and, boy, am I glad that we did!

Popping back down the path to top up water supplies – everything becomes novel again,
now that I sense it maybe the last time for a while that I carry out such menial but essential tasks…

With the tents set up, we got a fire going on the beach and relaxed to watch the sunset.  And what a sunset.  Talk about saving the best until last.  Thinking about it still sends shivers down my spine.  I’ve never before seen such a range of colours, culminating in the most deep and vivid crimson – it was utterly mesmerising.  A truly magical final night and there was definitely the odd tear shed on my part – the Land of Fire (Tierra del Fuego) was certainly living up to its name!

By pure coincidence, my cousin Jean was, at that very moment, only a few miles away on a ship, having just returned from Antarctica.  He and the rest of the people on the ship were convinced that they were witnessing the end of the world, a Trump-inspired nuclear holocaust perhaps, such was the richness of the colours!
It was great to spend that time with friends, round a fire on the beach.  And, once again, the stars were visible in all their glory.  A slight yellow glow on the horizon a reminder that our ultimate destination was crazily close.


  1. Dear cousin Campbell,
    Seeing THAT SUNSET again (and your last camp for the first time) sends shivers up my spine too. It really was something and you were of course far, far more deserving in being treated with it at the end of your incredible journey!
    Wecome back and bon prochaine voyage!

  2. . . . and so ends a truly courageous, life-enhancing adventure. Thank you for going to such lengths, in eloquent words and outstanding photography, to paint such a magnificent canvas for all of us, your dedicated followers. Me thinks 2016/17 may well have marked something of a seismic shift in your personal tectonic plates!
    Dad xxx

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