So I finally handed in my resignation (or resIgNITION, as Jordan would put it) on Wednesday!  Whilst it’s only been about 5 weeks since I spawned this crazy idea, it feels like moving on has been a long time coming.  I’ve grown stale in my role and struggle to find much enthusiasm for the work.  I’ve made some great friends over the years and the company has given me some fantastic opportunities and experiences (filming Elephants in Kenya, Pandas in China, Wild Dogs in Botswana, riding in a Mercedes SLS driven by David Coulthard at 140mph across the Isle of Man TT course, the list goes on…) but, it’s safe to say that the last three years or so have not been the highlight!  That said, I don’t regret staying there – the grass is not always greener and, given that I still don’t know what my next ‘career’ step should be, I think it’s unlikely that I would have been entirely satisfied with a new job.  Besides, part of what has driven me to do this finally is a much deeper and more meaningful question about what the real point is of this all!

Not enough time to get into that now though… back to the nitty gritty – researching shoes and tents!  There’s an awful lot of stuff to research and, being a stickler for this stuff, I tend to spend a lot of time investigating the minutiae!


    1. Something of yours has been getting even bigger recently – clue: it begins with an E, ends in an O and has a G in the middle! 😉

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