Colombian Encounters

I realise it is now very apparent that there has been an extended period of silence from the Random Rouleurs camp. The truth is that there has been a bout of writers’ block, which all attempts to unblock have been unsuccessful. (more…)

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Marvellous Medellín

Beeeeeep. Beep. Beep. Vwwwwwmm. Toot toot. Vwwwwmm. ‘Ehhh’. Beep beep. Neeee noooor neeee noooor....Bam. And just like that, we’ve hit the city. Sounds, sirens, people, cars and motorbikes are everywhere, moving fast and for a moment it feels like we’re standing in the epicentre, paralysed and confused, senses on overdrive. (more…)

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