An Ogre is Born

My Ogre has finally come to life!  Despite the worrying suggestions of delays, I decided to stick with my selection of the Surly Ogre frame and it arrived mid-March.  No doubt in years to come I may pine after a 29+ or true fat-bike frame but, right here and right now, the Ogre ticks all my boxes.  It’s got mountain bike pedigree but will be comfortable grinding out the miles on asphalt, it has all the fixings you could want for touring and, being Steel, offers a compliant ride and should be easy to mend if needs be.

The build was relatively straightforward as Terry at Brixton Cycles kindly chased and faced the bottom bracket shell and fit the headset for me.  The only slightly tricky thing was getting the cable runs for the Rohloff and disc brakes right.  I’m happy with how it turned out though!

For more details on the full spec, check the Bike section.

She (given that I’ll be sitting on it for a year and I need it to look after me, it’s definitely a ‘she’) is yet to be named, but I’ll probably decide something once I’ve put her properly through her paces!



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