Two for the Price of One

Welcome to the new and improved Random Rouleurs – now two for the price of one!

As some of you will already be aware, I happened to meet somebody who not only shares my love for adventuring and bicycles, but who was also crazy enough to want to accompany me on a bicycle adventure!  Introducing Sarah…


Now, in addition to my largely matter-of-fact, sequential posts, you can perhaps hope to read some more thoughtful reflections on the peaks and troughs of bikepacking!

Thanks to a six-month sabbatical from Sarah’s work and my freelance situation, we’ve set off on a full-on adventure, riding first down the Baja California peninsular in Mexico, before flying on to Medellín in Colombia and riding down through Ecuador to Peru, overlapping a little with my previous journey.

The first part of the trip follows the Baja Divide, a fantastic route lovingly put together a few years back by Nicholas Carman and Lael Wilcox, that carves a path down the peninsular from San Diego, crossing into Mexico at Tecate and snaking all the way down to Cabo San Lucas, almost entirely by way of dirt roads and dusty tracks. It’s a real backcountry route, as far as bikepacking is concerned, that takes the rider into areas that few locals, let alone tourists, venture and shows off the full range of habitats that Baja has to offer. To quote the website…

“The Baja Divide is a very strenuous ride that requires a high level of fitness, do not underestimate the difficulty of this route.”

Bring it on.


  1. What a fab picture of the two of you! great to read your first posts – we just love bikepacking from the comfort of our own home! xxx

  2. Good luck Campbell, Hope you and Sarah have a great trip!
    Look forward to all the photos and videos and being super jealous!

  3. You’re making me very jelous, have a great trip, looking forward to lots of photos and thoughtfull xommentry this time ? and watching the film at the next Banf film festival .

  4. It’s lovely reading and seeing all about your adventure as it unfolds. Good luck and happy cycling for the next bit.

  5. Just logged into this, how amazing. Have yet to meet Campbell, but this looks like a fantastically exciting trip. Will be following closely ( on blog- not bike!). Good luck, be careful and have a fab time. Sarah

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