A Fiery Finish

I woke early the next morning with mixed feelings – I was wary to savour every moment that I still had and not spend too much time reflecting.  There would be plenty of time for that in the days and months to come.  I sat out on the rocks overlooking the still flat calm Beagle channel as the sun rose, not with the dramatic colours of the night before, but with delicate hues that were still utterly stunning.

I was even able to stoke up the fire again and stave off the early morning chills…

Does it get much better than this?

Reluctantly, we packed everything away and headed off along the track.  We had several hours of wonderful riding on gentle double-track, single-track, a few stream crossings and the odd beach section.  The route notes from cyclists who had come this way before were explicit about some fairly challenging hike-a-bike but thus far it was glorious…

It’s fair to say that we were maybe lured into a false sense of security!  At one point, I heard a curse and bellowing laugh ahead, only to come across this scene (and, yep, after riding around 30,000km and with his goal in the background!).  Being the good friend that I am, I made sure to reach for my camera before coming to his aid…

Not long after, the going got way harder, especially for Scott and Sue who managed heroically with their heavier loads, with lots of short, steep and muddy slopes to push up and then several kilometres of pushing through thick spiky brush.

Eventually, we reached the more frequently accessed side of the trail and pretty flowing single-track…

Disclaimer:  I’d like to clarify that, whilst he may appear out of control in several of these photos, Scott is indeed a very capable and experienced mountain-biker! 😉


  1. Dear cousin Campbell,
    Seeing THAT SUNSET again (and your last camp for the first time) sends shivers up my spine too. It really was something and you were of course far, far more deserving in being treated with it at the end of your incredible journey!
    Wecome back and bon prochaine voyage!

  2. . . . and so ends a truly courageous, life-enhancing adventure. Thank you for going to such lengths, in eloquent words and outstanding photography, to paint such a magnificent canvas for all of us, your dedicated followers. Me thinks 2016/17 may well have marked something of a seismic shift in your personal tectonic plates!
    Dad xxx

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