The Baja Divide – Part 3 (Towards the Missions)

After a day off, we rolled down to the water in the late afternoon to meet a boat that we had organised to take us across the Bahía de Concepción to Los Hornitos (a peninsular on the peninsular). It was lovely to be out on the cool water and flying along, for once, with no effort on our parts.

The boat dropped us off by some small fishermen’s huts and we slowly made our way along the shoreline to meet up with a slightly more defined track…

That evening we found ourselves a secluded bay and made camp on the beach – it was perhaps one of our most idyllic camp spots thus far and made even better by tasty quesadillas (topped with refried beans and avocado) cooked over a wood fire…

The next morning, we made our way slowly and slightly reluctantly along the coastal track, past dozens of frigate birds perched on cacti waiting for the wind to pick up, knowing that we’d soon have to push inland again, away from the refreshing sea and into the scorching interior.

As we made our way along the beaches, we came across all sorts of dead critters washed up, I like to think testament to the extraordinary richness of sea life here…


  1. I trust that the locals told you exactly which day the whales arrive, so that you can plan your next trip? 🙂

  2. Delighted to see that you are both now fully fledged Loretonians, although I don’t recall my own 9-year induction involving any R&R!

  3. Actually, that last comment (and probably this one too) was from Colin G.! No women to keep you company in the last century.

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