The ABC of Mountain Biking

"Commit to the mountain!" Lucy commanded up to me from 20m down the off-piste ledge. I’m peering down from the edge, paralysed with fear as adrenaline pumps through my body. It’s so steep, the powder is so deep and rocks are scattered everywhere. (more…)

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Two for the Price of One

Welcome to the new and improved Random Rouleurs - now two for the price of one! As some of you will already be aware, I happened to meet somebody who not only shares my love for adventuring and bicycles, but who was also crazy enough to want to accompany me on a bicycle adventure!  Introducing…

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A New Approach

Sally and my relationship had been growing stale for a while - I had had illicit thoughts as long ago as Huaraz and then again in Cusco but didn’t quite have the courage to make the leap. Finally, around Christmas time and after several weeks of leisurely progress through northern Argentina, I decided that something…

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