So the day has finally come! I’m Peru-bound (although by the time I post this, I will have arrived). It’s been a hectic month since I finished work at Inition. I headed over to Wales for 5 days to teach myself how to tour (yep, believe it or not, I’ve never been cycle touring before!),…

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the paradox of preparation

The Paradox of Preparation

One of the things I've been wrestling with of late is juggling my desire to spec out the very best kit and clothing with an awareness of the sum value of everything that I'll be taking with me and riding through countries full of people who have very little. That's not to say I'm hugely…

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So I finally handed in my resignation (or resIgNITION, as Jordan would put it) on Wednesday!  Whilst it's only been about 5 weeks since I spawned this crazy idea, it feels like moving on has been a long time coming. (more…)

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Bottom Brackets!

I've spent the last few days researching bottom brackets for my new Ogre frame.  Bearing in mind (no pun intended), that I intend to run a Rohloff Speedhub 500/14 (with an ensuing 54mm chainline), I've been looking at all the various potential combinations of cranks and BBs. (more…)

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Frame Ordered!

First big commitment - headed down to Brixton Cycles today and ordered a Surly Ogre Frame & Fork (Large) and a matching (Revelate Designs-produced) frame bag!  Bit of a lead time on it (won't be here until early March) but that gives me time to narrow down all the other components and get them ordered…

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